Railway undertakings

As a railway undertaking, BLG RailTec bundles rail transports at its own shunting facility. Automobile transports by rail from the manufacturer's plants are taken over by RailTec at the Falkenberg location and formed into block trains for national and international destinations, such as seaports and inland terminals. The shunting operation is flexibly geared to individual customer requirements and is conducted by a dedicated and expert team.


Regional route services round off the service portfolio.

Falkenberg shunting yard
Shunting services
Regional route transports
Single wagons & wagon groups
Traction units
Safety management system
according to Directive 2004/49/EC
Safety certificate
according to § 7a AEG (paragraphs 2 and 3)
DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
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  • Shunting services

  • Train formation

  • Train dispatch

  • Gravitation Lokomotiven

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